Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest: Amore, volare, liberty, unity, trains … and Pavarotti!

The Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) is upon us again! You may love ESC, you may hate ESC, but I’m sure you have opinions about ESC!

This song competition has become so huge that you can’t escape it. It’s just like the Olympics: When it’s there you just have to adjust to its very presence.

So let’s get into the ESC mood by presenting the six best songs from Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest! Thru the history of the ESC Italy has presented many wonderful songs and has won the competition twice.

Here are my six favourite songs presented by the original singer of the song in ESC, except for the first song, for obvious reasons …

1958: Domenico Modugno: Nel blu, dipinto di blu (aka. Volare) (3rd place). A song about the joy of flying. Here it’s sung by the great Pavarotti! Volare is the only ESC song that Pavarotti ever sang. It’s taken from the studio album Volare, and is also to be found on many Pavarotti compilation albums such as Pavarotti Forever.

1964: Gigliola Cinquetti: Non ho l’età (Winner!). A teenage girl admits she’s to young to date the guy of her dreams, but she dreams on.

1974: Gigliola Cinquetti: (2nd place). Now the same teenage girl has become a young woman and simply says yes!

1977: Mia Martini: Libera (13th place). A song about every woman’s rights to be free and decide for her self what she wants to do in life!

1984: Alice & Franco Battiato: I treni di Tozeur (5th place). The most operatic and train related contribution to the ESC ever! Glorious operatic choir and divine acting by Alice and in particular mr. Battiato!

1990: Toto Cutugno: Insieme: 1992 (Winner!). A song about European unity! It’s time for Europe to unite! Into the European Union, of course!

All the best to all the participating countries in this years ESC! May the best song win! And most of all: Have fun while it lasts! It’s a whole year until next time! 🙂

This post was originally published 09-05-2014. Last revision 07-05-2016.