Pavarotti and football (6): World Cup Fiesta & England Anthems!

It’s time once again to mark the world football (soccer) championship (FIFA World Cup) which is held in Brazil this summer of 2014. There are two classical albums out to celebrate this event.

Deutsche Grammophon has issued an album with the appropriate title “Fiesta 2014: Hot classical anthems for a festival of sport“. This album contains 17 tracks from the Latin world of classical music.


Decca has issued an album with the title “England Anthems 2014: The sound of England: The ultimate collection“. This album contains 20 tracks, mostly from world of English classical music.

While “Fiesta 2014″ tries to capture the spirit of the host country, “England Anthems 2014” tries to burst moral for the England team in the World Cup. The album even contains God Save The Queen, Rule Britannia and excerpts from one of the Second World War speeches of Winston Churchill, followed by a song by Vera Lynn!


Both albums are available on CD, download and streaming. What both albums have in common is Pavarotti as he sings the World Cup classic Nessun dorma! from the Puccini opera Turandot on both albums. On “Fiesta 2014″ it’s the classic 1972 studio recording and on “England Anthems 2014” it’s the live recording from the first Three Tenors concert in Rome in 1990. On both versions Zubin Mehta conducts.

But frankly, could Nessun dorma! really be considered as an anthem for England? For English football? Really!? You discuss that among yourselves! 🙂

Enjoy the World Cup 2014 and may the best team win! But first, enjoy this fantastic video with Pavarotti singing Nessun dorma! from the Three Tenors concert in Paris in 1998.

This post was first published 11-07-2014. Last revision 11-07-2014.



  1. Thank you for the update. We also need a compilation of Jim Reeves kind sad tracks, given the unfortunate humiliation of the hosts in the recent semi-final.

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