Pavarotti and football (7): The Three Tenors concert in Los Angeles, July 16, 1994

The first Three Tenors concert in Rome, Italy in 1990 was a huge success. It was so successful everybody wanted a follow-up concert.

The 1990 concert was put together to mark the world football (soccer) championship (FIFA World Cup) which were held in Italy in the summer of 1990. The following World Cup were to be held in the US in the summer of 1994.

After some negotiations the second Three Tenors concert was held in Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on July 16, 1994. As the 1990 concert this concert was also held at the eve of the FIFA World Cup Final.

The Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Los Angeles Music Center Opera Chorus was conducted by Zubin Mehta. I remember the concert was very hyped in advance but it surely became a success. The Three Tenors and all involved surely got what they wanted from it! 🙂

The 1990 concert was put together on relatively short notice as a charity concert, but the 1994 concert was far from a charity concert and was planned well ahead.


Several record companies wanted to record the concert. Decca, which issued the 1990 concert, lost the bidding war to Warner. Also this concert was broadcasted live on TV and radio in many countries, and in the days and months that followed on TV all over the world. The audio and video recording of the concert was issued about a month later. The audio album sold quite well.

The concert is still available on Warner CD and DVD (on the Atlantic label in the US and on the Teldec label elsewhere). This Three Tenors concert also still sells good today 20 years after its first release.


Hard to think that this concert happened 20 years ago this summer! Time flies!

To celebrate this 20th anniversary Warner Classics  has just issued a joint CD and DVD 20th Anniversary Celebration Edition of this concert. It also includes the video documentary “The Vision – The Making Of The Three Tenors In Concert 1994“.

This is of course a must-have for all Three Tenors fans!

Here are The Three Tenors in concert in 1994 celebrating America and one of the great football nations in the world: Brazil! 🙂


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