Pavarotti in Verdi’s Macbeth

The Verdi opera Macbeth is one of the operas Pavarotti recorded but never performed on stage. Pavarotti sang the role of Macduff in a 1970 studio recording that was released by Decca on LP in 1971. This recording is now available on Decca CD, download and streaming.

The great aria for Macduff in this opera is “O figli miei… Ah, la paterna mano'”. This aria is so beautiful and moving! Read the lyrics of this aria in the first and last video below! Pavarotti’s performances of this aria is so beautiful and moving too!

pav-macbeth-lp pav-macbeth-cd

Pavarotti often sang this aria in concerts. Many live versions of this aria is available on Pavarotti’s live albums. Besides the 1970 studio recording Pavarotti also recorded this aria in 1968 for his solo studio album “Arias by Verdi & Donizetti”. Needless to say this aria appears on many Pavarotti compilation albums.

Here are three samples of Pavarotti in this aria. First video is the 1970 studio recording. The last two videos are live performances from Royal Albert Hall in London in 1982 and 1995.



This post was first published 09-10-2014. Last revision 09-10-2014.