Pavarotti sings songs by Tosti

The songs of the Italian composer Francesco Paolo Tosti (1846 – 1916) was an important part of Pavarotti’s repertoire outside opera. Pavarotti sang many songs of Tosti live and on records.

Many know Pavarotti in Tosti from his studio albums where he performed the songs with a full symphony orchestra, but Tosti songs were also regularly featured in his recitals with piano accompaniment. Some of these recitals are issued on records.

Here are five Tosti songs sung by Pavarotti in a 1986 recital in Modena, Italy, accompanied by Robert Kettlelson on piano. This recital is issued on DVD. The songs are in running order:

  • La Serenata
  • Non t’amo più
  • Luna d’estate
  • Chanson d’adieu
  • L’Ultima Canzone

If you only know Pavarotti from opera I can assure you that Tosti is the one to explore next!





This post was first published 14-03-2015. Last revised 14-03-2015.


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