Pavarotti arias A-Z: A for “Apri la tua finestra!”

I’m starting a new series of posts today: Pavarotti arias A-Z (!!!). Let’s go!

We start with the letter A for “Apri la tua finestra!” which is a lovely aria from the Mascagni opera Iris. This recording is taken from Pavarotti’s studio album Verismo arias.

Look out for a new aria tomorrow! 🙂

This post was first published 19-04-2015. Last revised 19-04-2015.



  1. Never heard of this one before- thanks!

    Haven’t gone thru the whole blog yet, so you may have this one: Nel Cor Piu Non Mi Sento? He is SO cute singing that and laughs at the end, it’s funny.

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