Pavarotti arias A-Z: K for “Kyrie Eleison”

My series of posts with Pavarotti arias A-Z continues. Let’s go!

Yesterday was time for the letter K and I came into real trouble! So much trouble that I had to postpone my post on the letter K until today!

As you might understand I didn’t find any Pavarotti aria that begins with K. This is probably because the letter K isn’t part of the Italian alphabet. It’s only used for loanwords and foreign names, but also in native names on rare occasions.

What I did found, after hours of searching, was Pavarotti singing the “Kyrie Eleison”, or just “Kyrie” from the Verdi Requiem. When I first heard it in the beginning of the 1990’s I was so amazed when Pavarotti started singing. Then the three other voices one by one started to join in and it became even more beautiful.

So it isn’t strictly speaking an aria, but when I first heard it I heard Pavarotti singing an aria, and when the three other singers joined in it was just the bonus of listening to very good backup singers! 🙂

So because it’s so beautiful, and because I haven’t found anything else, here is Pavarotti singing for the letter K: “Kyrie Eleison”! 🙂

I believe that the aria above is a live recording from Italy around 1970. Below is another recording of the Kyrie. The Verdi Requiem starts with the Introitus, followed by the Kyrie where the tenor voice is first heard. This is a recording with La Scala orchestra and chorus conducted by Riccardo Muti which is available on EMI Classics CD.

Guess what! Look out for a new aria tomorrow! I’m still very optimistic! 🙂

This post was first published 30-04-2015. Last revised 30-04-2015.