Pavarotti arias A-Z: M for “M’appari”

My series of posts with Pavarotti arias A-Z continues. Let’s go!

Today is the letter M for “M’appari” which is a wonderful aria from the Flotow opera Martha.

I believe that the video below is one of the few official music videos made by Decca with Pavarotti. In this version of the song Pavarotti is accompanied by an unknown pianist.

Pavarotti recorded this aria with John Wustman on piano on his live solo album Pavarotti at Carnegie Hall, and with full orchestra which is available on his studio album The world’s favourite tenor arias and on many Pavarotti compilation albums.

Guess what! Look out for a new aria tomorrow!

This post was first published 02-05-2015. Last revised 02-05-2015.