Express all your longings and desires in the great Orfeo & Euridice sing-along together with Pavarotti

I know you’ve done it! Oh, yes! Just admit it! You’ve tried to sing together with Pavarotti at least one time in your life! And probably several times. And I know you probably want to do it again. And again!

So here’s another chance to impress yourself, the one you love and the neighbor you hate so dearly: Here’s the great Orfeo & Euridice sing-along together with Pavarotti!

In this video Pavarotti sings “Che farò senza Euridice” from the Gluck opera Orfeo e Euridice. It’s a very sad and moving aria about the longing for lost love, so you better be in the mood when you sing it! Maybe it would be helpful somehow!

The video contains an audio recording, probably from a concert in Italy or the US, where Pavarotti is accompanied on piano. Pavarotti recorded this aria with full orchestra for his Mattinata studio album, and several live versions are available on various unofficial CDs and DVDs.

Now you sing! Just start the video, look at the screen and sing these beautiful Italian lyrics that pops up on your screen! And I just want to say: Bravo! Brava! Bravi! 🙂

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This post was first published 13-10-2015. Last revision 13-10-2015.


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