Ten Top Tenors: Pavarotti and the greatest tenors of our time

We love tenors! Of course we do! That’s why we’ll love this tenor compilation that just recently was issued on Decca.

The compilation is entitled “Ten Top Tenors” and is a 2 CDs compilation containing ten of the greatest tenors of our time singing 48 opera arias and songs.


I addition to Pavarotti this compilation includes Carreras, Domingo, Bocelli, Alagna, Kaufmann, Wunderlich, Flórez, Villazón and Calleja.

Every tenor is well represented with several tracks. The first disc contains operatic arias and the second disc contains film themes, Neapolitan songs, Sicilian songs, sacred music and more.


Pavarotti is represented with as many as 8 tracks on this tenor compilation. One of these are the Neapolitan song ‘O sole mio.

One might argue that there are some tenors that also should be included, but there’s no doubt that the ones that are included deserve to be so.

Yes, we do love tenors! 🙂

This post was first published 27-12-2015. Last revision 27-12-2015.