Pavarotti, Divas & Tenors

Essential to every opera lovers record collection is a decent sample of the most well-known and loved opera arias. Everybody needs a decent opera compilation or two in their record collection!

The compilation Divas & Tenors is a 2 CDs collection from Decca with mostly opera arias. In addition there are some arias from religious works, musicals and popular songs.


This collection features some of the greatest opera singers in the world today and some great singers from the past such as Pavarotti. In fact, Pavarotti is featured on five tracks on this compilation.

This collection is one of many opera compilations out there so if you don’t find this one there are many others to choose from. Many of them features Pavarotti as well.

Pavarotti was a tenor but some said he also was a real diva, or divo, at times. Be that as it may. It’s time for you to buy yourself a brand new opera compilation! 🙂

This post was first published 29-12-2015. Last revision 29-12-2015.