Pavarotti – The People’s Tenor!

It is so true! Pavarotti was indeed The People’s Tenor! A very fitting tribute to the most popular tenor in the history of opera! And talking about The People’s Tenor: To mark the 10th anniversary of his death Decca released this month a new Pavarotti compilation album, a new double CD entitled The People’s Tenor. What an appropriate title for a Pavarotti album!

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This new Pavarotti compilation will be a welcomed both by fans and newcomers to Pavarotti’s singing. For huge Pavarotti fans like me this compilations is a must-have, but for years to come this will also be the compilation to start with when exploring Pavarotti for the first time. This compilations gives you the very best of Pavarotti’s well-known repertoire in opera and popular songs, but it doesn’t contain any surprises. No lesser known arias or songs, and no rare or never before released tracks are included. Just basic Pavarotti!

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A French 3 CD version, presumably for the French-speaking market, entitled “Le Ténor du Siècle“, is also available. It looks like this French version contains 61 tracks which is 11 more than the 2 CD international version. Another source suggest that a three CD international version might be available with its original English title and content with the third CD containing iconic live performances. Looks like neither of these 3 CD versions contain any surprises. Just basic Pavarotti all the way!

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This is the latest Pavarotti compilation album and the first in a series of releases marking the 10th anniversary of his death. Many more Pavarotti deluxe record boxes will be released by Decca this year. These boxes will contain CDs and DVDs, but also Blu-ray Audio discs and even vinyl, both LPs and one EP. More on these releases as more information is available.

Enjoy Pavarotti – The People’s Tenor!

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