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Happy 82nd birthday, Pavarotti!

Today, the 12th October 2017, would have been Pavarotti’s 82nd birthday. He his no longer with us, but he is surely missed and adored today, 10 years after his passing.


Let’s remember the great man with his music. The 82nd birthday video celebration is showcasing great stage performances by Pavarotti, many of which are available on record. Enjoy!

Grazie, Luciano! Risposi in pace! Happy 82nd birthday, Luciano!

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Christmas with Pavarotti: A brand new Pavarotti Christmas album entitled “Christmas with Pavarotti”!

Today it’s exactly three months until Christmas Eve, so it’s really time to think about Christmas again! In my house, as well as in my office at work, I’ve started playing Pavarotti’s wonderful Christmas album entitled “O holy night”.

It’s therefore with delight that I can report that a brand new Christmas album with Pavarotti is on its way to us all this Christmas. The album is simply entitled “Christmas with Pavarotti”. This 2 CD album from Decca will be in stores from 4 November in Europe and 10 November in Japan.

The album contains 36 tracks (some sources indicates 34 tracks). Adding all this information together I can give you this preliminary overview of the tracks:

It looks like this new Pavarotti Christmas album features a great collection of both traditional and modern Christmas songs. And what a beautiful front cover for this album!


Please note that the information above is preliminary as it’s based on information from various online record stores and not from any official Decca or Universal sources. Some of this information can therefore be wrong. I will update this blog post as soon as new information comes available.

In addition to listening to the “O holy night” album, I have another pre-Christmas activity. I love to watch Pavarotti’s Christmas concert from Montreal, Canada in 1978. Previously issued on VHS on Decca (I got an Italian version to prove it!), it’s now available on DVD on various labels. Maybe it’s time for Decca to issue this concert as well? Maybe next Christmas, Decca?

With all the best for Christmas! It’s going to be great now that there’s a new Pavarotti Christmas album to look forward to! 🙂

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Happy Valentine’s Day with Pavarotti!

Today is Valentine’s Day! It’s time to celebrate love and especially the love for the one that you love the most! So why not celebrate love with the great Pavarotti?

For this very special occasion I’ve selected the wonderful song “If We Were In Love” from the romantic film “Yes, Giorgio”. The video below is taken from the film.


So now you just have to do what you have to do: Buy these flowers and that box of chocolates, and then take your love for a grand tour in a balloon while you sing excerpts from the Italian opera repertoire and more. Or you could just send that special someone a text message via your phone. 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day! Buon San Valentino! Love and amore from Odd Pavarotti Blog! 🙂

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Pavarotti sings you to Granada and your next holiday in Spain

Planning a holiday in Spain? How about a trip to the beautiful Spanish city of Granada? And why not let the great Pavarotti take you there?

One song that Pavarotti included in his concert repertoire late in his career was the song “Granada” by the Mexican composer Agustín Lara. And you are quite right! This song is really about the Spanish city of Granada!


In the following two videos Pavarotti sings this beautiful song from live performances in Llangollen, Wales in 1995 and in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 1997.

Pavarotti of course performed in Spain many times, but more about that in later posts. Now it’s time to book your next summer holiday to Spain! 🙂


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Christmas with Pavarotti: Deutsche Grammophon compilations

Christmas is here and there’s absolutely no Christmas without classical music! And not just by Pavarotti! Even the most ardent Pavarotti fan appreciates Christmas songs sung by other than Pavarotti himself, at least now and then!

In the spirit of even more Christmas music here is just a sample of Christmas compilations featuring Pavarotti and various other classical artists. All compilations are issued on the Decca sister label Deutsche Grammophon.

All the compilations includes only Pavarotti tracks from his Decca Christmas album O Holy Night, so there’s nothing new here for Pavarotti fans. These album should be obtained because of all the other Decca and Deutsche Grammophon artists that are included.

111 Classics for Christmas (2014) is a 5 CDs collection of Christmas songs, choral and instrumental works by various artists. What makes this compilation particularly interesting is the many tracks of German Christmas music. In Germany this compilation is naturally entitled “111 Klassik zu Weihnachten”.


Christmas Gala with the Stars (2012) is a 2 CDs collection of mostly Christmas songs sung by various well-known classical artists. If you only want a small Christmas compilation I believe this compilation is a very good choice.


Christmas ‘Round the World (2008) is a single CD collection of mostly Christmas songs and choral works from all around the globe. So how about Christmas songs from Sweden, Italy or Australia? Well, then this is the right Christmas compilation for you!


All the compilations above are available on CD, download and streaming, but the last compilation might be hard to find in the CD format.

Many more Christmas compilations from Deutsche Grammophon are to be found, either on  CD, download or streaming, but some compilations might be hard to find in the CD format. Look and you shall find!

On of the second Christmas compilation mentioned above one of the featured Pavarotti track is “O Holy Night”. I really love this Christmas song!

I wish you all a merry Christmas! Thank you so much for visiting Odd Pavarotti Blog! 🙂

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Christmas with Pavarotti: The film “Love Actually” … and clothes once owned by Pavarotti

Christmas is once again here, and along comes all the Christmas traditions that we have become so used to, and then some. One Christmas tradition is for many to watch cheesy, sentimental, more or less romantic films on television.

Not every one of these films have a clear Christmas theme, but they are in one way or another related to Christmas. Maybe the most famous Christmas film of them all, It’s a Wonderful Life from 1946, is a good example, if there’s such a thing as a Christmas film genre.


And there are many more. One of the Christmas films from recent years is Love Actually from 2003 which is shown regularly on television every year around Christmas time. If you just accept that it is a Christmas film it’s quite entertaining!

One dialogue from this films I find particularly funny is this one. It starts off scene #51 where Emma Thompson is Karen and Alan Rickman is Harry:

  • Karen: That was a good night. Though I felt fat.
  • Harry: Oh don’t be ridiculous.
  • Karen: It’s true. Nowadays the only clothes I can get into were once owned by Pavarotti.
  • Harry: I always think Pavarotti dresses very well.

This is a very good example of Pavarotti in popular culture. At least since the 1980’s many references to Pavarotti have popped up in for example films and tv-series. One day I’ll publish a list of the many films and tv-series that use Pavarotti as a cultural reference. In fact, I have counted around 100 (!!!) films and tv-series so far, and the list keeps growing.

Anyhow, it’s once again time to dress as well as Pavarotti and to celebrate Christmas in style with family, friends, good food and drink, a Christmas film, and the one and only Pavarotti!

In fact, that’s all you need for Christmas! 🙂

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Christmas with Pavarotti: Adeste Fideles (O Come, All ye Faithful)

Christmas is once again upon us! Christmas is either here, there, or it’s just around the corner, depending on when you read this. Anyhow, it’s once again time to celebrate Christmas with the one and only Pavarotti!

One of the many wonderful songs from Pavarotti’s Christmas album “O holy night” is the carol Adeste Fideles. This carol was originally written with Latin lyrics but is maybe more known with English lyrics as “O Come, All ye Faithful”. In this recording Pavarotti sings it in Latin.

So let’s go! Let it be Christmas! 🙂

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