Funny Pavarotti

Some funny Pavarotti stuff part 1

It is so amazing what pops up if you search for “Funny Pavarotti” or similar terms on the internet. Try it yourself and you will absolutely be amazed! 🙂

Here are some of the funny stuff I found today. Today’s examples are quite harmless, but believe me there are far more crazy stuff out there which some may find in bad taste or even offensive.

Enjoy this post and look out for even more funny Pavarotti stuff in the near future! That is a warning! 🙂

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Have a great summer with Pavarotti!

I hope you all are having a great summer! Here are some tips on how to have a great summer with Pavarotti! Well … sort of! Enjoy your summer! Make the most of it! Let’s go!

Take a ride on your scooter …


Pick up a friend or two along the way …


Pose on the beach …


Rest for a while …


Take the boat out for a spin …


Ride your favorite horse …


Take another rest …


Prepare some food …


Eat some food …


Relax … just relax …


Ride through town …


Do some garden work …


Back to the hammock … again …


Prepare for a late night dinner …


Sing a summer song before the sun goes down …



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Happy 80th birthday, Mirella Freni!

Today is the 80th birthday of the great Italian soprano Mirella Freni. She wasn’t just one of Pavarotti’s most important singing partners, she was also a lifelong friend of Pavarotti.

Mirella Freni was born on 27 February 1935, in the same year as Pavarotti. She was born in the little Italian town of Modena, just as Pavarotti. Their life turned out so that they became lifelong friends and colleagues on the operatic stage. They also recorded many complete operas together.

We celebrate the 80th birthday of the great Mirella Freni with three operatic duets by Luciano and Mirella together! The three operatic duets are in running order:

  • O soave fanciulla from Puccini’s La bohème (live 1996)
  • Tutto apprendi, o sventurato from Rossini’s Guglielmo Tell (studio 1978-79)
  • Cherry Duet from Mascagni’s L’amico Fritz (studio 1968)

As a bonus video I give you Luciano and Mirella in rehearsal for Donizetti’s L’elisir d’amore. What fun they were having! They can’t stop giggling!

Happy birthday, Mirella bella! 🙂




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Pavarotti Mexican compilation CD

When you think you’ve seen all the Pavarotti albums there are in the world, new ones pops up, in a record store somewhere or somewhere online.

My latest find is “La Voz De Luciano Pavarotti”, a compilation CD from Mexico. This CD, which translates “The voice of …”, is a compilation of Pavarotti singing Italian popular songs. The CD was issued on Decca by Universal Music Mexico in 2014.


This CD can be bought online at Almaraz records, or the next time you or somebody you know goes to Mexico.

We celebrate this with a funny Mexican tribute to Pavarotti. Pavarotti sings Cielito Lindo together with Enrique Iglesias from a Pavarotti & Friends concert (not included on this Mexican CD).

More about Pavarotti in Mexico in later posts!


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The great Pavarotti lookalike Colin Miller in commercials

The Pavarotti lookalike Colin Miller, a man from the UK now in his late 60’s, has appeared in many commercials as the real Pavarotti.

Mr. Miller as Pavarotti is a good example of Pavarotti in popular culture. Everybody has heard about Pavarotti and even Pavarotti impersonations hits home.

Here are four tv commercials with mr. Miller as the great Pavarotti. Enjoy! I think it’s funny!

More on Colin Miller in future posts. And more commercials with the real Pavarotti, too! 🙂




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At last! It’s time for the great Rigoletto sing-along together with Pavarotti!

Oh, yes! You’ve done it! Just admit it! You’ve tried to sing together with Pavarotti at least one time in your life! Probably several times. And you probably want to do it again. And again!

So here’s another chance to impress yourself, the one you hate and the neighbor you love so dearly: At last! Here’s the great Rigoletto sing-along together with Pavarotti!

The Rigoletto aria chosen for this sing-along is La donna è mobile. The sing-along video is taken from Ponnelle’s Rigoletto film. This film is available on DVD and Blu-ray, and has also been shown in movie theatres and on TV.

Now it’s time for you to sing! Start the video, look at the screen and sing along to these beautiful Italian lyrics that pops up on your screen!

What more is there to say? Bravo! Brava! Bravi! 🙂

And if you can’t stop sing-along together with Pavarotti you can have another go if you just go right here! 🙂

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Pavarotti didn’t sing with these opera singers! (He never sang with Kylie Minogue either!)

Pavarotti sang with lots of wonderful opera singers, some more famous and more talented than others. Be that as it may.

The first video is a sketch from the British sketch comedy television series French and Saunders with the comic duo Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders.

Let me be absolutely clear: Pavarotti didn’t sing with these opera singers!

The song at the end of the sketch is the pop song I should be so lucky. Go to the second video if you want to skip the sketch and go straight to the song.

The song was originally written for the Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue who had a smash hit with it in the late 1980s. The song was the written and produced by the hit machine Stock Aitken Waterman. The last video is the original video.

There might be many opera singers that Pavarotti never sang with, but he never sang with Kylie Minogue either. 🙂

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