Pavarotti and Princess Diana

Pavarotti in the Park commercial

Here is Pavarotti in a tv commercial for “Pavarotti in the Park”. This was in fact a tv broadcast of Pavarotti’s Hyde Park concert in London in 1991.

As many will know, this was the concert attended by Diana, Princess of Wales. And the rain kept pouring down! This concert is available as “Pavarotti in Hyde Park” on Decca CD and DVD.

Enjoy this commercial! It may give you the urge to listen to, or even watch Pavarotti’s Hyde Park concert again! 🙂

This post was first published 23-10-2014. Last revision 23-10-2014.


Pavarotti pays tribute to Diana

Our commemoration of the 15th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana has come to an end.

The tributes to Diana after her death in 1997 were quite astonishing and moving.

Late in 1997 a 2 CD compilation was issued called Diana Princess of Wales Tribute (Sony Music, also issued on 2 music cassettes).

This album contains 36 songs from various popular stars at the time such as Queen (Yes! For our Queen of Hearts!), George Michael, Annie Lennox, Sinead O’Connor and many more. No new songs were recorded for this album, as far as I know.

Pavarotti also contributed on this album with the song Miss Sarajevo as a member of the Passengers. Pavarotti and the Passengers performed this song at the 1995 concert “Pavarotti & friends together for the children of Bosnia” in Modena, Italy with Diana in the audience.

Pavarotti always had only good things to say about Diana. Pavarotti once said that “Princess Diana was the most beautiful symbol of humanity and love for all the world” (Harrison, T. (1999): Diana, the Making of a Media Saint. London: I. B. Tauris, p. 135).

Kind words were probably also spoken at the Hirschil & Adler Galleries in New York on Monday, April 8, 1996 when Pavarotti unveiled a new portrait of Diana.

The time since Diana’s death has seen lots of other tributes, such as websites, books, and films. Among them the book “Diana, Memory of a Rose” by Susan Maxwell Skinner, which we now can present hard evidence for that Pavarotti him self has received!

And I believe that’s all, folks! 🙂

Put some bizarre Pavarotti and Princess Diana stamps on it!

Pavarotti’s portrait is on many stamps around the world. It’s naturally that Italy has issued a Pavarotti stamp, but belive it or not: There are many more Pavarotti stamps out there! From countries you wouldn’t belive!

If you want proof: Look at these bizarre and wonderful stamps with Pavarotti and Princess Diana! This is part of our commemoration of the 15th anniversary of Diana’s death.

Even more Pavarotti stamps in later blog posts! Yes, there are indeed many more out there! From even more countries that you wouldn’t belive! And they are even more bizarre and wonderful!

Pavarotti, Diana and some paparazzi on the town in Italy

It’s 15 years since Princess Diana died so tragically in Paris. Pavarotti and Diana met several times in relation to Pavarotti’s performances.

One of these times was when Diana attended the Pavarotti 1995 concert “Pavarotti & friends together for the children of Bosnia” in Modena, Italy.

Here are some pictures that the paparazzi took while Pavarotti and Diana walked around in town.

Pavarotti and Princess Diana

Sorry, but after two blog post on sad Pavarotti pieces (read them here and here) it’s not yet over with the sadness. This is because these days it’s 15 years since Princess Diana died so tragically in Paris.

Diana, Princess of Wales died 31 August 1997 after a tragic car accident in Paris, France. Her death was followed by a public mourning in the UK and around the world which was quite astonishing and moving. Diana became a cultural icon after her death, in many ways like Pavarotti became a cultural reference point.

Pavarotti was asked to sing in her funeral, but declined because he was to grief-stricken to perform. He did, however, attend her funeral. And this brings us to the Pavarotti fact of the day: In the film “The Queen” with Helen Mirren, Pavarotti pops up in an archive clip when he arrives Diana’s funeral.

Diana and Pavarotti met several times in relation to Pavarotti’s performances. Pavarotti sang in the Verdi Requiem in the Arena di Verona in Verona, Italy on 5 August, 1990, and Diana was in the audience (available on DVD). Diana attended the Pavarotti plus concert in Royal Albert Hall in London in 1995 (previously available on Decca CD and VHS). Diana also attended the Pavarotti 1995 concert “Pavarotti & friends together for the children of Bosnia” in Modena, Italy. This concert is available on Decca CD and DVD. All these three performance were broadcast on TV.

As far as I know the 1990 Verdi Requiem in Verona was the first time Diana met Pavarotti. But I remember reading that Prince Charles took Diana to a performance of the Verdi Requiem in London on one of their first dates. I’ve always wondered if Pavarotti sang in that Verdi Requiem as well. Anybody out there who knows these kind of things?

However, maybe the most iconic Diana & Pavarotti pictures came from when she attended Pavarotti’s famous concert in London’s Hyde Park in 1991. The rain kept pouring down on the princess, her husband and the UK prime minister Major. In spite of the rain they all had a great time! It was a very memorable concert, not just because of the rain and the princess’ presence, but it was also a very good performance by Pavarotti. And who could not forget Pavarotti for dedicating the aria “Donna non vidi mai” from the Puccini opera Manon Lesacut to “Lady Diana”? This wonderful concert is available on Decca CD and DVD (NB! The video below is not from the DVD).