Pavarotti the bird

Blaine is hopelessly devoted to you, Kurt!

I hope all you Gleeks out there are still holding on after the last Glee episode “The Role You Were Born to Play” (season 4, episode 5), which aired on November 8, 2012 in the US.

I posted my latest blog post on the matter just two days ago. It contained two videos with Kurt singing, and none with Blaine. That was of course just wrong! Especially as that blog post was about the Kurt-Blaine relationship!

So to make up for that, here is Blaine in that last Glee episode singing “Hopelessly Devoted To You” from the musical film Grease. This is of course originally a love song sung by a girl to a guy, but here it becomes a great guy to guy love song.

If we go back just ten years this wouldn’t have happened on TV. So I’m just pointing out the obvious here: This is what change looks like.

This also gives me the opportunity to recommend to you all the wonderful blog Gleerificnewsstop for all the latest news about Glee.

So on behalf of Odd Pavarotti, Big Luciano and Pavarotti the bird; Blaine is hopelessly devoted to you, Kurt!


What’s up with Kurt & Blaine?

A question for you Gleeks out there: Is everything OK in Glee land?

We are of course referring to the latest developments in the American musical comedy-drama television series Glee. There’s been lots of concern lately all over the web about the Kurt-Blaine relationship.

In the latest Glee episode “The Break Up” (season 4, episode 4), which aired on October 4, 2012 in the US, they had quite a rough time in their relationship. It looked like they were breaking up!

The web became overflown with concern. For many Gleeks this was too much to handle. The love story between Kurt and Blaine is to last like forever for the Glee fans. You just cannot break up Kurt and Blaine! It’s like breaking up Romeo and Juliet! Oh! Shit! Some dude did just that!

Here are two random tweets showing the despair of the fans:

  • I think Pavarotti would roll over in his tiny, little grave. If he knew what was happening to Klaine.. (Puppy.‏@mz_jem, October 6, 2012)
  • “I DIDNT DIE FOR YOU TWO TO JUST BREAK UP!” – Pavarotti (jordie•‏@colferhair, October 6, 2012)

So what has Pavarotti to do with all this teenage angst? It’s not Pavarotti the opera singer, it’s a bird called Pavarotti which appeared in the second season. Pavarotti the bird is vital to the Kurt and Blaine love story.

As all by now should know (or according to CTK; common teenage knowledge), the canary bird Pavarotti died and brought Kurt and Blaine together as a couple in the episode “Original Song” (season 2, episode 16). Such a sweet love story!

See also my excellent blog post on Kurt and Blaine here.

The next Glee episode “The Role You Were Born to Play” (season 4, episode 5) will air on November 8, 2012 in the US, so we will see what will happen to Kurt and Blaine.

So on behalf of Odd Pavarotti, Big Luciano and Pavarotti the bird; What’s up with Kurt and Blaine?

Do tell as soon as you know any news!


Giro d’Italia with Pavarotti (20): Postscript (2): Ready for Tour de France?

The Giro d’Italia of 2012 is over and done with a very long time ago! Now it’s time to prepare for Le Tour de France 2012!

You probably do know that The Tour is the french parallel to The Giro, as the cyclists pedal around in France and not in Italy! The Tour is even more famous and even more prestigious to take part in than The Giro, they say. Well, that’s a matter of opinion! 😉

After talking to Big Luciano and Pavarotti the bird, Odd Pavarotti has decided not to follow the pedaling cyclist around France with The Tour as one did in Italy with The Giro. As Pavarotti mostly performed in Paris and not so many other places in France, it would have been a short blog post series anyway!

So this is how we will do it: In this last Giro postscript we will mark the start of The Tour on Saturday 30th June 2012 with this Paris related molto grande Pavarotti extravaganza blog post celebration! Here we go!

Today’s picture shows Pavarotti in concert in Paris on 17th May, 2005. I guess this was his last performance in Paris as part of his Farewell Tour.

The first video is Pavarotti singing the song “Vaga luna” by Vincenzo Bellini in Paris in 1985, accompanied on piano by John Wustman.

The second video is an interview from French television from 1988. The reporter speaks french and Pavarotti speaks italian! Some clips with Pavarotti singing.

The third video is a short television news clip about the open-air concert Pavarotti held on September 2, 1993, at the Champ de Mars in Paris, the same venue as The Three Tenors concert in 1998. The 1993 concert was broadcast on television with the title Pavarotti in Paris, and it was also issued at least twice on CD (Not so easy to get hold of! I bought both of mine in Italy!).

I saw this concert on tv in the mid 1990’s and I remember that Pavarotti wasn’t in his best form that day. Maybe that’s why this concert isn’t issued worldwide on audio or video. In fact, it’s not issued on video at all.

The fourth video is The Three Tenors singing a medley of songs, among them the french song “Sous le Ciel de Paris”. This performance is from The Three Tenors concert at the World Cup in 1998 in Paris (issued on Decca CD, VHS, and later on DVD).

The fifth video is just for fun! But it’s from Paris! 😉

So there you have it! Pavarotti in Paris to mark the Le Tour de France 2012! Hope you all now are ready for Tour de France like you never have been before!

But after 20 (!) blog posts it’s now definitively over! No more blog posts on The Giro or The Tour! No blog post containing pedaling cyclist, well at least until next year!

The great team of the Giro, Big Luciano and Odd Pavarotti, together with our occasional assistant Pavarotti the bird, wish you well as we all pedal away together into the sunset. Look! We’re like three tenors on bicycles! Yes, we are. And, no, we aren’t! 😉

But don’t despair! Look out for more blog posts on Pavarotti and football!  Euro 2012 isn’t over yet! And Italy is still in the game! 🙂





Giro d’Italia with Pavarotti (19): Postscript (1): Pedalare!

The Giro d’Italia of 2012 is over and done with a long time ago! Yes, and we did end the journey gracefully!

But Pavarotti the bird tweeted a message to the great team of the Giro, Big Luciano and Odd Pavarotti, that there’s one book we all should read this summer to learn more about The Giro.

The book is entitled Pedalare! Pedalare!: A history of italian cycling by the British historian John Foot who has modern Italian history as his speciality. John Foot is on Twitter where he tweets on Italy, sport and politics, among other things.

“It’s the same guy who wrote this book about Italian football“, said Pavarotti the bird.

“We know!”, said Big Luciano, and added: “What a lovely title for a book about Italian cycling”.

“One more quality book to read this summer!”, said Odd Pavarotti, and added “We’ll have to set aside some time to squeeze some lemons as well!”.

So now you know how to learn more about the Giro. Read “Pedalare! Pedalare”!

To celebrate this little book report Odd Pavarotti Blog gives you Pavarotti in Verdi’s opera “Luisa Miller”, live from the Paris Opera Garnier on 1 June 1983 (audio only, not commercially available).

This is just to point out that there might be something coming on Le Tour de France 2012 in the near future. One never knows these days.

Until then: Pedal on, kick some balls, or just sit down and listen to this great Pavarotti recording from his prime! And you’ll agree with the audience: Bravo!

Giro d’Italia with Pavarotti (18): Milano Final post!

The Giro d’Italia of 2012 is over and it’s time to end the journey gracefully. The great team of the Giro, Big Luciano and Odd Pavarotti, is still in the great italian city of Milan (Yes! Milano!) to summarize the Giro of 2012.

“This has been a great journey, but it’s time to move on”, Big Luciano said.

“I agree but there’s one thing we haven’t talked about”, responded Odd Pavarotti.

Big Luciano didn’t quite follow, so Odd Pavarotti had to remind him.

On the 21st of May the duelling duo of the Giro parted for a while. Before they parted, Big Luciano showed Odd Pavarotti a picture of a woman and asked: What’s her name?, What’s her connection to the Giro, and; What’s her connection to Pavarotti?

Big Luciano had more pictures of this woman that he showed to Odd Pavarotti.

Odd Pavarotti answered Big Luciano’s questions like this:

This woman’s name is Mina Mazzini, but her stage name is only Mina. She’s an italian pop singer with a career that spans from the 1950’s until this very day.

Her connection to the Giro is that she’s born on 25 March 1940 in Busto Arsizio, a small city in Lombardia, which were the city where the Giro started on Sunday 20th of May this year.

Her connection to Pavarotti is that he wanted her to join him in a duet in one of his Pavarotti & friends concert. That didn’t happen as Mina hasn’t performed publicly since the mid 1970’s.

Up to this day she has issued new and innovative pop albums almost every year. She’s truly a living italian legend, and she’s highly recommended for those who like “adult pop”. Listen to Mina on Odd Pavarotti’s Spotify Mina Mazzini playlist here!

“Bravo, ragazzo”, said Big Luciano about Odd Pavarotti’s answers. Big Luciano was very impressed.

Somebody has spliced a recording of Pavarotti with a recording of Mina singing the same opera aria. The opera aria is ”Vesti la giubba” (”Ridi Pagliaccio”) from Leoncavallo’s opera “Pagliacci”. And there’s two versions out there. This is what they call a virtual duet these days.

“Is this like a mashup?”, Pavarotti the bird wondered. He had just flown in from a visit to some of his distant relatives in York in Queen’s Britain.

“I guess it is”, said Big Luciano.

“And this is it, I guess”, said Odd Pavarotti.

So it’s time to say goodbye for now. The great team of the Giro hope you all have enjoyed the Giro d’Italia with Pavarotti blog posts.

Big Luciano and Odd Pavarotti might be back for the Giro 2013, but there’s The Euro 2012 and Le Tour de France 2012 to look forward to. You’ll never know what will happen the next time you visit the Odd Pavarotti Blog!

Ciao, amici! 😉


Giro d’Italia with Pavarotti (15): Milano slow

The Giro d’Italia of 2012 is over. Sad, but true! The Giro ended in Milan, or Milano as it’s known by the italians, on Sunday 27th of May. Big Luciano and Odd Pavarotti met the next day in Milan to summarize the Giro of 2012. As you all might remember, the great team of the Giro, Big Luciano and Odd Pavarotti, had been apart for almost a week, before they met again in Milan on Monday 28th of May.

Big Luciano and Odd Pavarotti discussed in detail their impressions of the Giro, but suddenly Odd Pavarotti’s portable computer had a breakdown, which made this blog post somewhat late. It was planned to be posted on Monday 28th of May, but all this computer mess made it impossible to publish until today, Tuesday 29th of May. The great team of the Giro is truly sorry.

First and foremost Odd Pavarotti had to tell Big Luciano about his wonderful journey to fulfill his scientific and scholastic duties in York. Odd Pavarotti reported that York has an opera house, at least three italian restaurants and several pubs.

“Do we really need anything else in life?”, Odd Pavarotti asked rhetorically. Big Luciano agreed.

“And I met some distant relatives of Pavarotti the bird”, Odd Pavarotti said. Big Luciano looked with interest at the picture on one of the other of Odd Pavarotti’s portable devices.

“Splendid!”, said Big Luciano, feeling very English suddenly.

“Splendid!”, Odd Pavarotti repeated, feeling more English than ever before.

They both agreed that the picture was indeed splendid, but suddenly Odd Pavarotti said: “Shouldn’t we talk about the last stretches of the Giro 2012?”

“Domani”, said Big Luciano. Odd Pavarotti understood there of that any further talk about the Giro 2012 was postponed to tomorrow. Or one of the days after that.

But there were one song that Big Luciano just couldn’t stop singing that day. Wonder why … 🙂

So watch this space tomorrow or in some days time, as Big Luciano and Odd Pavarotti will present some Milan centred blog posts to mark the end of Giro d’Italia 2012!

Odd Pavarotti Blog is now on Twitter!

Odd Pavarotti has realised we live in a world with many platforms and channels. On behalf of Big Luciano and Pavarotti the bird, Odd Pavarotti is now preaching odd things on Twitter as well! Here Odd Pavarotti twitters away on the most important matters, such as Pavarotti, Italy, lemons, music and life in general.

All tweets are of course odd tweets, and the retweets are also as lemon juice in your eyes. Odd Pavarotti mostly writes in English, but sometimes in Italian, German or Norwegian as well.

So take a look on Odd Pavarotti’s latest odd tweets on the right side of the screen on this blog or go directly to Odd Pavarotti’s Twitter page. And if you like what your read, you might want to become a follower? 🙂