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Happy 82nd birthday, Pavarotti!

Today, the 12th October 2017, would have been Pavarotti’s 82nd birthday. He his no longer with us, but he is surely missed and adored today, 10 years after his passing.


Let’s remember the great man with his music. The 82nd birthday video celebration is showcasing great stage performances by Pavarotti, many of which are available on record. Enjoy!

Grazie, Luciano! Risposi in pace! Happy 82nd birthday, Luciano!

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Pavarotti’s vocal range

How to describe Pavarotti’s singing voice? For me, beautiful comes first to mind. Then warm, passionate and strong. You may describe  Pavarotti’s voice in another way. We all have our views!

Talking about Pavarotti’s voice: Found this YouTube video recently: It presents Pavarotti’s full vocal range in one minute. Enjoy these examples of Pavarotti’s fantastic voice!


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Happy 80th birthday, Pavarotti!

Today, the 12th October 2015, would have been Pavarotti’s 80th birthday. It’s still so sad that he his no longer with us, but let’s remember the great man with one of his famous quotes and some his music.

The 80th birthday video celebration is showcasing great stage performances by Pavarotti. In some of the clips the great Pavarotti sings together with some of his many colleagues. Enjoy!

Grazie, Luciano! Risposi in pace! Happy 80th birthday, Luciano!



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The legendary Luciano Pavarotti

Pavarotti. The legend.

Big P. was legendary. No question about that.

And the great Pavarotti will forever be a legend. No question about that either.

legendary -pavarotti

Here is a short documentary from the Italian television channel RAI Storia about the legendary Pavarotti. The documentary contains lots of interesting clips from his long career, most of them from Italian television.

All in Italian, but you’ll get the main point: Pavarotti is a legend!

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Roberto Alagna on Pavarotti

The French tenor Roberto Alagna has a new album out entitled “Ma Vie est un Opéra” (“My life is an opera”). In a promotional video Alagna talks about his respect for Pavarotti and what he learned from the great man.

In the video Alagna talks in French, but his new album is just released on Deutsche Grammophon CD, download and streaming.

NB! Major update: After I posted this post Roberto Alagna published a transcript and translation in English of the video on his Facebook page! Read it here if you don’t understand French, but watch the beautiful video first!

In the bonus video below Alagna and several other opera stars sing together with Pavarotti at his 40th anniversary concert in Modena, Italy in 2001.

Read also an earlier blog post where Alagna talks about Pavarotti here.

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