German Pavarotti compilation

Almost every year there’s at least one new Pavarotti compilation on the market. Especially interesting are Pavarotti releases from different countries. There are seldom any new tracks on these compilations but they are never the less interesting and very welcome.

This year Decca in Germany released a single CD Pavarotti compilation for the German market entitled La donna è mobile.


This compilation contains 21 tracks of mainly opera arias but also some popular Italian songs and one religious work is included. This CD is sold for a bargain price in stores and is also easily available online.

I love the picture of Pavarotti on the cover! 🙂

I believe it goes without saying that the following aria is included! 🙂

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Pavarotti arias A-Z: Q for “Questa o quella”

My series of posts with Pavarotti arias A-Z continues. Let’s go!

Today is the letter Q for “Questa o quella” which is a wonderful aria from the Verdi opera Rigoletto.

Listen to a live performance of this aria from the Rome Opera conducted by Carlo Maria Giulini in Rome in 1966. A complete recording of this opera performance can be found on several unofficial CD releases.

Guess what! Look out for a new aria tomorrow!

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Pavarotti arias A-Z: P for “Parmi veder le lagrime”

My series of posts with Pavarotti arias A-Z continues. Let’s go!

Today is the letter P for “Parmi veder le lagrime” which is a wonderful aria from the Verdi opera Rigoletto.

Listen to the version taken from the very first Decca recording Pavarotti made, the 1964 five track EP.

Guess what! Look out for a new aria tomorrow!

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Pavarotti in Rigoletto from the Met for the first time on Decca DVD


I’m very happy when a never before released Pavarotti recording appears as an official release. Decca has just released, for the first time, a DVD of Pavarotti in Rigoletto from a performance at the Metropolitan Opera in 1981. This is the only filmed Rigoletto stage production with Pavarotti.


The performance date must be 15th December 1981. This performance was broadcasted live on radio and TV, so many audio and video recordings of this performance have circulated unofficially over the years. It has never been officially available before, except for some years as streaming at Met Opera on Demand.

Pavarotti as the Duke of Mantua is joined on stage by a stellar cast, including Louis Quilico as Rigoletto. James Levine conducts The Metropolitan Opera Orchestra in this Verdi masterpiece.

See the official trailer for this DVD release below!

Viva Verdi! It’s time to go Rigoletto shopping!

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Happy birthday, Giuseppe Verdi!

The great Italian opera composer Giuseppe Verdi celebrates his birthday today! Verdi was born on 10 October 1813 and died on 27 January 1901.

Pavarotti performed on stage and recorded many of Verdi operas as well as the great Verdi Requiem. Many of the operas as well as the Requiem were part of Pavarotti’s core repertoire on stage for years, but some operas Pavarotti sang less often or never on stage.

pav-verdi-compilation-01 pav-verdi-compilation-02

Many famous Verdi arias were essential in most of Pavarotti’s concerts. These same Verdi arias are of course essential to any Pavarotti compilation album. Several Pavarotti compilations albums with only Verdi arias are available on Decca CD, download and streaming.

pav-verdi-compilation-03 pav-verdi-compilation-04

All of Pavarotti’s official recordings of Verdi’s operas and the Requiem are easily available on CD, download and streaming, or on DVD. A large number of unofficial Verdi recordings from various live performances with Pavarotti are also available on CD and DVD.

pav-verdi-compilation-05 pav-verdi-compilation-06

Pavarotti performed and recorded the following complete works by Verdi:

Work On stage On record
Aida Yes Audio/video
Ballo in Maschera Yes Audio/video
Don Carlo Yes Audio/video
Ernani Yes Audio/video
Lombardi Yes Audio
Luisa Miller Yes Audio
Macbeth No Audio
Otello Yes (in concert only) Audio
Rigoletto Yes Audio/video (also on film)
Traviata Yes Audio
Trovatore Yes Audio/video
 *  * *
Requiem Yes Audio/video
Inno delle Nazioni No Audio

One of the most popular Verdi arias Pavarotti sang in concert was La donna è mobile from the opera Rigoletto. Pavarotti sings this aria in the video below which is taken from a 1987 concert at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Happy birthday, Giuseppe Verdi! 🙂

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At last! It’s time for the great Rigoletto sing-along together with Pavarotti!

Oh, yes! You’ve done it! Just admit it! You’ve tried to sing together with Pavarotti at least one time in your life! Probably several times. And you probably want to do it again. And again!

So here’s another chance to impress yourself, the one you hate and the neighbor you love so dearly: At last! Here’s the great Rigoletto sing-along together with Pavarotti!

The Rigoletto aria chosen for this sing-along is La donna è mobileThe sing-along video is taken from Ponnelle’s Rigoletto film. This film is available on DVD and Blu-ray, and has also been shown in movie theatres and on TV.

Now it’s time for you to sing! Start the video, look at the screen and sing along to these beautiful Italian lyrics that pops up on your screen!

What more is there to say? Bravo! Brava! Bravi! 🙂

And if you can’t stop sing-along together with Pavarotti you can have another go if you just go right here! 🙂

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GRANDIOSO! Great VERDI Recordings from Caruso to Pavarotti

Viva Verdi! The celebration of the 200th anniversary of Verdi continues. And in fact, today is the day: Today is the 200th birthday of the great Giuseppe Verdi!

So there’s no time than today to present the latest Verdi CD compilation entitled GRANDIOSO! Great VERDI Recordings from Caruso to Pavarotti.


The name of the compilation says it all. It’s a compilation of great historic vocal recordings, mostly from Verdi’s operas, but the Requiem and Quattro pezzi sacri are also represented.

This compilation, which is available on Deutsche Grammophon on CD (7 CDs), download and streaming, must be the best way to explore historic Verdi recordings in this Verdi year. Viva Verdi!

Pavarotti is represented with a Decca studio recording of “Parmi veder le lagrime” from Rigoletto. Today’s video is the same aria, but taken from a performance in Tokyo, Japan in 1971. Enjoy! And Viva Verdi!


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