Sì lo sento, Iddio mi chiama

Pavarotti arias A-Z: J for “Jacopo’s cabaletta”

My series of posts with Pavarotti arias A-Z continues. Let’s go!

Today is the letter J and I’m in trouble again! I haven’t found any Pavarotti aria that begins with J. This is probably because the letter J isn’t part of the Italian alphabet. It’s only used for loanwords and foreign names, but also in native names on rare occasions, such as the first name Jacopo.

Talking about Italian guys with the name Jacopo: Pavarotti recorded a beautiful aria once with the title “Sì lo sento, Iddio mi chiama” from the Verdi opera I due Foscari. This aria is also called “Cabaletta di Jacopo”, or “Jacopo’s cabaletta”. This is a fantastic aria, and of course it’s one of my favourite Pavarotti opera arias!

Problem solved! Here is Pavarotti in the aria for the letter J: “Jacopo’s cabaletta”! 🙂

The recording is taken from a studio album of Pavarotti singing rare Verdi arias which is available, among others, on CD as “Pavarotti Premieres” (Sony Classical) or “Giuseppe Verdi Rarities” (Warner Classics). This album has been available on many labels and formats since its first release on LP in the early 1980’s. This is the only studio album Pavarotti recorded in addition to his 12 Decca studio albums.

Guess what! Look out for a new aria tomorrow! I’m still very optimistic! 🙂

This post was first published 28-04-2015. Last revised 28-04-2015.