My name is Odd Helge Lindseth and I’m a big Pavarotti fan.



  1. Hi Helge – I was wondering if you or anyone else has ever seen this footage or if you know where it may have come from? It appears to be from the famous run of Fille du Regiment at the Met in ’73 with Sutherland. I’m trying to track down the original footage… was wondering if you knew anything about it.


    1. There are at least three that I know of that have orchestrated Tosti’s songs that Pavarotti sung:
      * Giancarlo Chiaramello on Pavarotti’s album “O sole mio”
      * Alexander Faris on Pavarotti’s album “Mattinata”
      * Douglas Gamley on Pavarotti’s album “Pavarotti in concert” conducted by Richard Bonynge (this album is actually a studio recording, not a live concert recording)

      All these three albums are available on Decca. In addition to the three studio albums mentioned above Pavarotti also sang many Tosti songs in concert and I believe that he often used the arrangements from the albums above, at least when he sang the Tosti songs with full orchestra. Many live albums with Pavarotti are featuring Pavarotti singing Tosti and they are also available on Decca.

      Happy listening! And do search for Tosti on this site and you’ll find many post on Pavarotti & Tosti! 🙂

  2. So interesting to see your Pavarotti post on The Pearl Fishers, as I just saw a performance of the opera at the Met in New York about 10 days ago. It hadn’t been performed there in 100 years (when Caruso was the Nadir). In this production, we heard Matthew Polanzini, who sang beautifully. Thanks, btw, for following my blog, TheCulturedTraveler – much appreciated.

  3. Thanks for following The Immortal Jukebox. I hope you are finding lots to entertain you and maybe making some discoveries. If you haven’t visited for a while check it out again. Please feel free to add comments. Good luck with your blog. Regards Thom.

  4. Hi Odd … Thanks for your interesting blog. I have absolutely no wish to spam or irritate, but think you and your readers might be interested in a slide show I have recently put on YouTube, illustrating a fascinating 1994 interview with LP by British politician David Mellor. Here’s the URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlzoGRb7gjc … or you can just search on “Pavarotti’s Exemplars”. We hear the great man talk about his influences, from Caruso to Bergonzi, and needless to say there is some amazing singing to be heard throughout. Enjoy!

      1. Odd … thank you *so *much – I really appreciate your taking the trouble to do that. My problem is getting to the audience who I know will appreciate this and playlistasartform , so things like this are a great help.

        Peace … Fin

        *Fin OSilleabhin*


        On Tue, Nov 19, 2013 at 5:12 PM, Odd Pavarotti Blog wrote:

        > Odd Pavarotti commented: “Hi! I’ve now made a blog post about your > video with the Pavarotti interview! Link: > https://oddpavarottiblog.wordpress.com/2013/11/19/the-great-1994-pavarotti-radio-interview-with-david-mellor/ > ” >

    1. All the time! Becoming Odd is a lifelong process! And I do become Odder all the time! It’s very ejoyable! Some days are even Odder than others! My main goal is to become the Oddest of all.

      How about you? Feeling a little bit Odd, at least sometime? 😉

      Thank you for following Odd Pavarotti Blog! 🙂

    1. Thank you very much for your kind comments and for including my blog om your blogroll! You have a very nice and interesting blog on opera singing! I have included your blog in my blogroll as well! Keep up the good work! And do keep on singing!

  5. Hello,
    I am looking for the music file of this video:

    we intend to use it during a funeral on Saturday January 2nd.

    Thanks for your help!


    1. Sorry for the late reply. The song “Panis angelicus” could be found on the Pavarotti christmas album “O holy night”. As it is a fairly well known christmas song the sheet music with lyrics should be easy to track down in a good music store. Hope the funeral went well.

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